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      • Grab-and-Go Healthy Breakfast Ideas

        Yogurt Parfait – Make ahead Put 0% or low-fat plain Greek yogurt in container with a lid (yogurt can stay good fin fridge or about 1 week after opened as long as not reached expiration date) Stir in ½ teaspoon honey (optional) Stir in frozen or fresh berries Put lid...

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      • Healthy Eating Success

        Many of us have good intentions to “eat healthy”, but often times find ourselves saying “I’ll eat better tomorrow”, rather than today. Why is eating healthy today so difficult to achieve when the intention is true? Perhaps it is because we did not go to the grocery store or we...

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      • Make-Ahead Salads

        One of our favorite healthy lunches to prepare ahead of time for the busy work or school week is a powerhouse salad.  There is nothing better to have for lunch than a homemade salad, made with your favorite ingredients.  Make-ahead salads are great because you can shop for, and make the salads...

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